The Modern World is Ready for a Modern Om

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13 Nov The Modern World is Ready for a Modern Om

Spirituality is the new normal, but we still need daily reminders of our personal goals and commitments. That’s where Modern Om comes in.

Modern Om is the first lifestyle brand at the intersection of ancient spirituality and modern design bringing you objects with a little something more.

Consciously designed with a modern aesthetic and spiritual resonance, these objects serve as daily cues via color, using 7 chakra-based intentions that everyone can relate to today:

  • Nō 1 Vitality | red | the energy that springs from living in balance
  • Nō 2 Passion | orange | the rush as you lose yourself in the moment
  • Nō 3 Purpose | yellow | the power within to achieve what you desire
  • Nō 4 Compassion | green | the love you share unconditionally with the world
  • Nō 5 Expression | blue | the voice that reveals the true and unique you
  • Nō 6 Insight | indigo | the wisdom to see the world as it truly is
  • Nō 7 Connection | violet | the joy of being present in the now


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Now available online at, Modern Om’s selection of lifestyle objects include:

  • Contemporary-designed mala beads, which can be used for modern practice or to wear out in the world
  • Craft notecards that are inscribed with greeting such as “thank you”, “love you” and “happy birthday”
  • iPhone hard-shell cases with a graphic Namaste exterior and a private inscription on the inside of the case reminding us to speak “truthfully, mindfully and lovingly”
  • Sustainable, modern beverage totes to keep you hydrated throughout the day
  • Versatile t-shirts, which can be worn to a morning workout, a lazy Sunday afternoon or dressed up with a blazer


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The modern world is ready for a Modern Om. So bring spirituality into your daily life, and shop now!

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