#GoodVibes with Modern ŌM

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08 Jun #GoodVibes with Modern ŌM

Modern ŌM is the new lifestyle brand in town delivering everyday chakra-inspired products that aren’t only cool, but are rooted in authenticity and radiating with positivity. We’re talking all the #goodvibes!

Let’s talk product: Choose mala beads reminding you of your purpose, rock a cell phone case that reminds you to speak #truthfully #mindfully #lovingly or sport a Vitality T to keep you empowered.

Modern ŌM has been praised from Yoga Journal to Men’s Health to Miami Herald.

Get involved and create change with Modern ŌM.

The 7

Founder Myk Lykhov has launched The 7, Miami’s 1st underground meditation studio serving as a perfect complement to the Modern ŌM brand. Bi-weekly meditation classes with some of the top meditation guides in Miami provide an opportunity for people to regularly practice meditation and progress down a mindful path.


Modern ŌM has partnered with distinguished meditation master Charlie Knoles to help support his dream of reforming America’s prison system through the use of meditation.

“Help us Set 1,000 Inmates Free” aims to bring freedom of the mind to 1,000 prisoners at San Quentin State Prison by teaching them deeply powerful Vedic Meditation techniques. #DYK, 67.8 percent of released inmates end up returning to the system within three years? The idea came from the belief that every human being deserves the pursuit of freedom despite their circumstances, and though inmates are imprisoned physically, they deserve the opportunity to find peace, to reform their lives, and to ultimately contribute to our society.