The Dark (and Often Dubious) Art of Forecasting Food Trends

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29 Dec The Dark (and Often Dubious) Art of Forecasting Food Trends

Just like the newest electronics or clothing or form of social media, food trends are also changing year after year. Remember the Cronut craze or when every picture on your Instagram feed was of avocado toast? The New York Times writes about food trends and how they are predicted in “The Dark (and Often Dubious) Art of Forecasting Food Trends.” According to the article, “A good trend list requires everything from data and science to pure intuition.” Social media forms like Pinterest and Instagram also play a role, highlighting what the public is drawn to or what they find visually appealing at any moment.

Biggest food predictions of 2017? Street food, African and Asian influences, bowls, Hearty Vegetarian meals, and plancha grilling are at the top of the list. The Den Corner Restaurants – owned by brother Yasu and Toshi Kizaki – are ahead of the trend with menu items such as the Ginger Tofu Steak and Grilled Salmon at Sushi Den, the Chicken Katsu or Ramen Bowls at Izakaya Den, and Grilled Pork Belly and the Unagi Rice Bowl at OTOTO Den – just to name a few.

With that list, we’ll be crossing our fingers the experts are on point!

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