The Kizaki’s featured as a “Dynamic Duo” in ColoradoBiz

Toshi and Yasu Kizaki Sushi Den Denver in Colorado Business Journal 2017 - Get Ink PR

06 Jan The Kizaki’s featured as a “Dynamic Duo” in ColoradoBiz

Launching a business with a partner will have its benefits and fair share of issues. (Some will compare it to the expectations and responsibilities that come with having a significant other.) Basically, it’s pretty complex. For brothers Toshi and Yasu Kizaki, who co-own three restaurants, OTOTO, Izakaya Den and the renowned Sushi Den, they only shared one quote from a 400-year-old Japanese story of a famous warlord to define their relationship…. 

“Together. There is nothing you cannot accomplish.”

In this issue of ColoradoBiz Magazine, writer Gigi Sukin highlights 10 “dynamic duos” of Colorado business – including the Kizaki’s – who share the “rewards and pitfalls of teaming up.” To get the full scoop on the Kizaki’s story beginning in 1984, click here and turn to page 26.