Summer Travel is Magic Time

Soho House Barcelona - Get Ink Pr

01 Jun Summer Travel is Magic Time

While June 21 is officially the start of summer, travel planning starts now! 

hyatt londonAre you feeling exotic, like a jungle adventure in Nicaragua at Maderas Village?  Or, perhaps you’re craving the streets of Spain and checking out the new Soho House Barcelona.

We have 5 tips to cut travel costs and take advantage of summer specials:

  1. Chose a credit card, like American Express Platinum, which allows you to use points for flights. You’ll still get the miles from your airlines and access to premium airport lounges
  2. Pick a credit card that accrues points for airlines and put every purchase, every, purchase on that card
  3. Join a hotel rewards program with international locations, like World of Hyatt. Now through June 30, you’ll earn double points
  4. Save your airline miles for upgrades to business or first class. Travel isn’t so painful, when you’re riding up front
  5. Join Global Entry. Not only do you get the perk of TSA PreCheck, but gliding through customs makes coming home a bit easier


Want more?  Check out Ellen Marchman’s travel tips on WSVN-TV “Money Monday.”