Den Corner Restaurants host Annual Den Rooftop Party

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18 Aug Den Corner Restaurants host Annual Den Rooftop Party

Den Corner Restaurants annual “Den Rooftop Party” event will be a feast of the senses, featuring 20 chefs flown in from southern Japan serving typical “Yatai”, the street food of Japan found at festivals across the country.

There will be food and drink stations serving up signature Ramen Noodles, Yakisoba Noodles, Yakitori, Yakiniku BBQ, Takoyaki Savory Octopus Dumplings, Japanese Fried Chicken, Okonomiyaki Savory Pancakes with Japanese sake, beer, Shochu cocktails and wine.

Kumamoto is Den Corner owners’ hometown in southern Japan, where it’s known for the pure waters and the nearby sea that provides an abundance of seafood.

The town is also where Kumamoto Castle calls home, which was built in 1467 and is one of the top 3 most beautiful castles in Japan. However, in April of 2016, there was an unprecedented earthquake which struck and devastated the Kumamoto area.

A portion of the profit will be donated to the earthquake relief agencies in Japan, including the restoration of Kumamoto Castle.

Event is taking place on October 3 and 4, from 5 to 9 pm.

Tickets are $75 plus tax, per person, and includes all food and drinks.

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