It’s about Reduce and Reuse, Recycling is Over!

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20 Mar It’s about Reduce and Reuse, Recycling is Over!

A recent article from The New York Times raised the alarm about the collapse of the waste management system in the U.S.  Did you know China stopped accepting plastic from the States? Now it’s up to domestic companies who are finding it too pricey and canceling city-wide programs.

What does that mean?  The majority of recycling goes to landfills.

But, despite the “inactivity” of our federal government, we can reduce our carbon footprint and waste production by composting! Yes, compost can decrease carbon emissions and stop ocean acidification significantly.

Join Debris Free Oceans and the Miami Beach Botanical Garden at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden Compost Hub this Saturday, March 23, to explore the world of composting hands on.

During the event Cassidy Fry, Miami Beach Compost Advisor, will start with a discussion on the basics of composting, including soil microbiology, environmental benefits and the community aspect of composting.

Don’t forget to bring reusable container or Tupperware to take a half gallon home of the finished compost.

More information on the event page