We’re in this Together!

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01 Apr We’re in this Together!

Well, we are in week three, and if you’re like me, finding a daily routine helps keep a sense of sanity and a bit of empowerment. 
My friends at Modern ŌM have launched something pretty amazing, allowing us to get out of our head and absorb positivity.  Moving through this uncertain time from a space of perspective and community,  allows my reality to be a little brighter.
The Cushion Crawl Livestream is a global creative collective of experts leading 45 minute sessions – expect 50+ master teachers, a new one each day – for the entire duration of our #stayathome. You’ll enjoy meditation practices, spiritual lectures, sound journeys, and practical tips for getting grounded and present.
This week’s diverse practices include Non-Duality with Paul Toliuszis, Miami; Art and Healing Series with Luchi Estevez, Miami; Mastering International Attention with Matthew Sherman; Brooklyn; and Zoom in the WOOM with Elian Zach, New York.
Wherever you are, you can tap into a positive community that keeps growing, together. Each day the Cushion Crawl meets on Zoom at 10 am and 6 pm EDT.  Join any Crawl session via the Zoom link here.
You’re invited to explore 3 complimentary virtual sessions.  If you love it, and I bet you will, join the Modern ŌM community. You’ll gain access to all live stream sessions, meditations and talks, advanced yoga classes in collaboration with NYC’s WOOM Center, a monthly virtual book club, and more. 

Wishing calm and peace in your lives.
Ellen Marchman