New “DenToGo Bento Boxes” only at Den Corner (or Sushi Den)

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10 Dec New “DenToGo Bento Boxes” only at Den Corner (or Sushi Den)

Toshi and Yasu Kizaki are consistently pioneering Denver’s sushi scene.  Celebrating Sushi Den’s 36th anniversary this month, the dynamic duo created distinct and delicious “DenToGo Bento Boxes”. 

These signature Bento Boxes are a veritable Japanese tasting menu harmonious blending flavors of daily Japanese cuisine. The four different artisanal Bento Boxes are filled to the brim with high-quality ingredients and stellar presentation, accompanied by sake pairing suggestions.

Perfect for home celebrations, zoom office parties or simply when you crave Sushi Den favorites, DenToGo is available for pick up Thursday through Saturday.  Limited to 20 boxes per day, DenToGo requires 24-hour advanced ordering directly to Yasu Kizaki at [email protected].  Yasu will guide guests to their ideal Bento Box.

Currently, four Bento Boxes are available, with more coming soon (including special holiday Bentos). 

Bento A ($30.00 ++) includes traditional Japanese favorites such as wagyu beef, smoked grilled salmon, bacon-wrapped scallops, honey-miso glazed eggplant, Japanese omelet, sushi rolls, and sides such as pickled Lotus root, vegetarian skewers, soy-simmered tofu, and more.

Bento B ($40.00 ++) combines seafood, cooked meats and winter vegetables, including sushi, sashimi, roasted duck breast, wagyu beef, panko breaded oysters, sriracha garlic shrimp, miso black cod, snow peas, asparagus, young bamboo root, pumpkin, mountain yams and more.

Bento C ($60.00 ++) includes seafood and cooked signatures with a sweet surprise, such as grilled wagyu steak with Hinoki mushroom sauce, roasted duck, bacon-wrapped scallops, shishito pepper and cherry skewers, fried tofu balls, honey-glazed eggplant, Osaka style salmon and mackerel sushi, mini green tea tiramisu and more.

Bento D ($70.00 ++) is a sushi lovers dream, including ginger tuna sashimi, Osaka-style mackerel sushi, new style scottish king salmon, jalapeno yellowtail sashimi, king salmon sushi, amberjack sushi, jalapeno yellowtail sushi, Maine lobster sushi, Aburi-style scallop sushi, toro sushi, and more.

Ordering (20 boxes available per day).

24-hour advance ordering to [email protected]

Available Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Three pick up times 5:30 pm / 6 pm / 6:30 pm

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