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Charlie Myk Vitality Pool Modern OM Miami - Get Ink PR

08 Jun #GoodVibes with Modern ŌM

Modern ŌM is the new lifestyle brand in town delivering everyday chakra-inspired products that aren’t only cool, but are rooted in authenticity and radiating with positivity. We’re talking all the #goodvibes! Let’s talk product: Choose mala beads reminding you of your purpose, rock a cell phone...

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Mare Mio Easter Celebration Miami - Get Ink PR

08 Mar Celebrate Easter at Mare Mio

This Easter, celebrate at a quintessential new Miami Beach dining location, Mare Mio. Chef Claudio Giordano has created an extensive seafood menu full of renowned specialties such as a snapper and cobia ceviche, a penne puttanesca, and a duck confit sandwich, that will leave your taste...

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Roses - Get Ink PR

02 Feb Gifting for Men this Valentine’s Day

Gifting for men is never easy. This Valentine’s Day, stray away from the overdone cologne and shaving cream set, and give him something he won’t store away in his closet. If you’re brave enough to delve outside of the traditional, here are two thoughtful ways...

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